Sunday, July 08, 2012

Another month in Egypt!

I can't bring myself to closing the curtains at night - its just not within my capacity of being. Shutting out sunshine seems like sacrilidge, but Im my own worst enemy as once again Im awake at 6am and the bus to the beach doesnt arrive until 8.15am. What would I be like on the poles?
Ive been out here in Egypt for exactly a month now, staying at the Breakers Hotel in Soma Bay. Its become my second home as its my 3rd long trip out here and I feel like the people who work here are starting to become my friends! My arabic has extended passed thank you, but Im far away from stringing complete sentences together. Im determined to learn some in time for next year.
While out here Ive been running some coaching holidays which you can find out more about on, but Ive also had some time to kite for myself too. I ran 3 x week long holidays back to back where people came who wanted to improve their level. I had a lot of clients who have been on my holidays before, but some new faces too. We had incredible wind and so the coaching holidays went well.
Its been an exciting year so far for me so far culminating in getting married at the end of May and during that build up there was a lot of work to do. Thank goodness for my mother in law who kept me on the straight and narrow while putting the wedding together. Chris and I were married in a church, but then moved to a cowshed for the wedding reception. My husband and I plus two very good friends had spent a week transforming it from this cowshed where the cows had been for the entire winter into a beautiful wedding venue. It was phenomenal.
Anyhow during the build up there hadn't been a lot of time left for kitesurfing and I arrived in Egypt a smaller version of myself making a lot of the tricks that I can normally do that much harder. As a professional kitesurfer a lot of tricks comes very naturally and perhaps we lose sight of just how much core strength is required, so it took a while to get my tricks back up to standard, but 1 month later Im feeling strong again. Let me remind you - if your heading out on a kitesurfing holiday soon make sure you get on the floor each night and do something for your stomach muscles to get you ready for your trip.
While out here I have been working with They have been taking photos and sequences of me which you can look out for in the magazine. ive been using my Naish Torches and have had a hard time pulling myself of the 10m - my favourite by far, but yesterday the 8m came in close too.
Ive been using the Parks for people who are working on hooked in tricks and for those who are just getting in to the sport which has been wicked. Its definitely a cool kite to do everything and I feel really safe when my clients are on it knowing it responds well, is stable and easy to relaunch. Egypt is a great place for the bindings to. I ride in bindings from time to time just to feel completely locked in and as though I can hold as much power as possible. Wipeouts put me off trying the more difficult tricks, but for powered stuff that I can do consistently I love it. The water is flat making it easy to swap between straps for harder tricks and bindings for powered sessions.
For me its time to head back to the UK. From what I can tell Ive avoided a tonne of rain so far, I just hope that I can pack some of this sunshine and bring it back with me. Im already a fair few kg's over weight some Im gonna have to pull out some charm to get away with that either that or have to pay a big charge. lets see how we get on. My next session will be at either Morecombe Bay or Barrow! Bring it on.

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