Monday, July 16, 2012

Back in the UK

I've spent a month away from the UK and avoided the much talked about British weather. From all accounts its been worse then ever and even my mum was out in her wellies at 4am a few mornings ago to heard the soft and fuzzy Al pacas to high ground before they became super saturated giant water bombs. I returned to 4 days of sunshine and didnt understand what the fuss was about. This weekend was my first weekend back in the country so I ventured down the road to Llandegla to meet Johara Sykes Davies for a bit of mountain biking activities in the absence of wind.
(A quick Go Pro Shot) We spent a few happy hours charging round the forest hitting the only signs of the bad weather which was the mud and puddles at full speed! We however were in vest tops and shorts and well happy to have a catch up and burn some pent up energy. After our reward of tea and cakes at the cafe we hit the high road checked her horse was still alive and then went to the pub for some drinks. Being carnival season the pub was in full swing and we knocked back a few ciders and it was good to catch up. For the following day I had packed light. Johara has been on a kitesurfing break and I wasn't about to encourage her back on the water unless she was ready, so I had chucked in a 10m kite, my board, harness and wetsuit in the quiet hope that she might be ready for it. Sure enough when we awake the following morning the white caps twinkled in the llandudno sunshine. It looked like 10m weather to me!
(The view down to west shore after our session) We arrived to west shore in perfect timing. The tide was mid way which is a bit choppy, but by the time we rigged up, launched and hit the water the choppiness was over and Johara and I found ourselves in our very own lagoon with perfect power for my 10m Naish Torch and 133 Money Shot. Johara was finding her chi and you couldnt tell she had been off the water for 6 months or so. She was chucking in some unhooked kite loops, moves to blind and her styley hooked in rotations too. I meanwhile was feeling a bit chilly from being in Egypt so long, plus everything seemed much heavier - myself and the wind so I was a bit slow in to my tricks equalling a few big hits. Being such a cool spot to kite I sat on the sand bank with my kite on its wingtip and watched Johara having an amazing session. After 10 mins or so my psych was back and we took it in turns to hang out on the sand bank and shout works of encouragement to bust our moves bigger and better.
(The view from the van before rigging up) After a few hours on the water it was time to pack up and head home. Ive been away from my new husband for 5 weeks now and he was getting home from a stag do that night, so after a sweet weekend of biking and kiting I hit the road in the direction of home ready to remember what my husband looks like once again! Next session looks sweet for Wednesday! I will be sure to hit the water then and now Im ready for the great british temperatures once again! Xatch you soon and happy riding. Jo x

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