Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UK Kitesurfing Holidays

Hey all, I’m 3 years in to running these coaching holidays and while its forever going to be a learning experience not only for you, but for me to Im starting to get the handle on things. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled with kitesurfing for the passed 10 years as a professional kitesurfer and from that collected all sorts of useful and useless nuggets of information along the way. That basically translates to me believing that I can take you to some of the most phenomenal kitesurfing locations around the world at the time of year that provides the best conditions for wind, warmth and space on the water for you to concentrate on improving your confidence, skills and busting new tricks.
(Cornish Kitesurf Exploration 2010) Visiting South Africa, Brazil, Egypt name some of the locations that I head to but I also believe that no one person who lives in the UK should travel further then their own doorstep during the spring and autumn month to gain the most out of phenomenal kitesurfing conditions. Its not only financially friendly, but its surprising on just how good these trips are.
(Kitesurfing on your own doorstep!) This year I am running 3 UK holidays where I will take you to locations of golden beaches, clear refreshing water, perfectly flat water, small kickers and occasionally big waves – although I will give prior warning for this to ensure that I don’t put you out of your depth.
(Kitesurfing in the South West UK September 2011) They are all in September when the tourists have gone, the weather and water is warm and the low pressures are lining up in the atlantic. I will take you to stunning parts of the UK to explore and ride different spots under the UK’s dramatic cliffs, green fields, glorious rainbows and moody skies.
(Kitesurfing in the North East of the UK) Each trip we will be staying in a high quality holiday house accommodation with big fat fluffy duvets, fire places, a fridge stocked of great food and cool beer/wine or delicious hot chocolate spiced with rum to warm the cockles.
(Sunset from the front room in Rhosneigr, Wales) We’ll do car share where possible especially for Tiree to reduce cost on ferries/fuel and we’ll throw a reasonable kitty together to stock the house with food and drink.
(Kitesurfing in North Wales September 2010) Together we will plan a journey for your kitesurfing which will involve a goal sheet and some action plans. This will help you to let me know of your level in advance and what you would like to be working on. Most people would like to improve their jumping technique and introduce some rotations and/or transitions. Often they want to improve their style and sometimes they would like to get in to the realms of unhooking, but these trips aren’t about throwing down powered handle passes or massive kite loops, they are all about learning new skills, gaining independence and confidence and being amongst 6 other like minded kitesurfers.
(Cornish Kitesurf Exploration Crew 2011) Come and join in the fun and action packed UK holidays. Dates: Cornish Kitesurfing Exploration – 8th – 15th September 2012 Wild n Windy Tiree – 22nd – 29th September 2012 Welsh Cakes and Rhosneigr Roots – 6th – 13th October 2012 To book a place email me on or call me on 07919 276 405. I'd love to hear from you or drop me a email if you would like a brochure. Jo

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