Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prolimit International Team Rider

Hey all, guess what! I finally have a fantastic sponsorship for wetsuits. In my career of kitesurfing I dont think I have ever been 100% satisfied with the wetsuits that I wear, but now things have changed. I have just signed a contract with Prolimit International.

(Throwing down a railey in the Prolimit Pure Chill Top Vest)

I have tried their wetsuits in the passed plus I had some fantastic light thermal tops for my recent trip to Egypt which worked absolutely perfectly. Being based mainly in the UK having a great wetsuit is crucial, so I am over the moon to have Prolimit behind me. They can provide the wetsuits necessary for the wide variety of different locations that I visit as a professional rider and as a coach. Woop woop!!!

Crusing in the light afternoon wind in Egypt in the Prolimit Sleeveless Shorty

Check out their website at Prolimit

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Martyn Bone said...

Hey Jo, congrats on the wetsuit deal... stoked for you. Get over to Oz next winter... be great to catch up.