Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Palm tree wilson

Well Im here in Uruau, Brazil. Staying at Pro Kite Brazil. I have been here a week now and it has been lovely. The wind hasn't been exactly pumping - it seems that it needs a rest, but I have been out everyday on my 12m and busting some stunts, building my strength back up and ironing out the kinks of a few months in the UK. I cant complain at all!!!

(Hiding under the palm tree)

Pro Kite Brazil have been set up for a few years now and I first met the managers when in Sotavento in Fuerteventura and am always glad to see them. Its just great they got out of that crazy wind place and came to this little paradise.

My travels to Brazil were eventful. It had been a busy build up to leaving and when I finally arrive at the train station to get to the airport I realised I had left one bag behind!! I quickly did the maths to see if that bag was necessary and with it containing all my Naish Torches it came quite clearly evident that a mad rush through rush hour traffic of Kendal, was necessary! We were back on the platform with minutes to spare! Unfortunately the fun didnt stop there as the platform manager told me I couldnt travel by train as travelling with a surfboard was against the rules!!! It had been for all the 20 years that he worked for the national rail! Ah crap! with no plan and no idea how to get to the airport he finally relented and let me on!

(Not going to stop me getting to this peaceful paradise)

It didnt stop there either! Once at the airport I had check in woman from hell! She seemed all sweetness and nice from the outside, but its true to say beauty only goes skin deep! She was one horrible mean lady! Despite my luggage being under weight she wanted me to pay £350 extra for luggage because my surfboard should have been in its own seperate bag weighing 12kgs, but because it wasn't she wanted to rip me off despite being well under weight! I wasnt having any of it and had a spare bag in the bag which she had just sent down to the aircraft! I had asked her not to send it until everything was checked on, but she ignored me, so I asked her to bring it back so I could do as she said and put the rest of the luggage in a separate bag! Seemingly a pointless task as it wouldnt effect the weight but she made me do it anyway she still refused to take it saying it was not clothes and shoes and so I still had to pay even though it fitted in a bag under the dimensions and under weight! I definately was at the end of my politeness and was seeing red by this point!

(A lagoon all to myself)

Next up I went to pay followed hotly by this mean horrible lady and I explained the situation to the lady who takes the money! She agreed that it was out of order and told the mean lady that she was being unfair! Ha - I win! Except I didnt as the horrible lady had checked my boyfriend and I all the way to brazil on seats at the opposite end of the planes to each other! Grr!! Watch out for her if your coming out on my coaching trip flying with Tap! Her name is Debbie, she is the epitomy of beauty only goes skin deep!

Well sat here sipping my coconut after a session on my 12m I suppose we did win because we are now here in Brazil, kiting every day and enjoying every second of the sunshine while she is busy back at heathrow going through the same old ritual and succesfully ruining people's days but only for small insignificant moments in time!! If you ever get her - keep smiling. It will be worth it on the other side!

(Trying to get the kgb back which I last landed in Egypt in July)

In two days time I am running the first if my Brazil Baby Surfari and Coaching Holidays. The trip is fully booked and everyone is in for one heck of a ride! Check out www.jowilsoncoachng.com for updates or follow us on facebook

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