Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Well Im off to Egypt tomorrow. I have a couple of weeks of coaching mixed in with a couple of weeks of training. Im so fired as I have all my Naish 2012 kit which looks amazing! Im already in love with the bar and I havent even unwrapped it yet!

Im taking my boots out there again this year. Ive put a bit of time in to them, but not much, but my last session up here in Cumbria spoke volumes and Ive decided I need more action in them, so they are coming.

Im lacking in some awesome action shots at the moment, so I shall do my best to get some out there and load them up online!!

I have a couple of spaces left on my Egypt Coaching trip from 1-8 July. Check out www.jowilsoncoaching.com if you are interested! It will be amazing!!

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