Friday, March 11, 2011

Naish Kiteboarding TV

Naish have gone wild this year and have given the riders some additional freedom! Its a very cool year to be sponsored by them and Im stoked to have my new contract for 2011! Naish have created a new and improved Kiteboarding TV where every 3 weeks starting from March 15th they will be uploading an episode created by one or more of their riders. It looks set to be epic and they have been whooping our asses to stay on top of it. Jalou Langeree and I have continued to work together out here in South Africa so you will catch the next of our Candy Coated Diaries very soon.

Here's the point of view from Naish

The Naish Pro Team spends the year scouring the planet for the best riding locations. Often, we sit in the office trying to justify the budget with riders flitting off here and there with vague promises of "Don't worry, we're going to score!".
We wait, you wait. The shots come in and we are either relieved, or question what the h@#* we were thinking sending riders off to places that are not known for wind.

This year, our riders were tasked with documenting their sick sessions, wacky antics...and explaining their budget overruns! The team had to DELIVER ON FILM: the ups, downs, hangovers and stoke that they experience all year. They were challenged to get to know the local rippers, the international celebrities and the beach bum personalities that make up our kiteboarding world.

On 03.15.11, witness the carnage.

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