Sunday, February 27, 2011

It keeps on coming

Im in my last couple of weeks in South Africa now and all I can say is what a phenomenal season. The wind has been unstoppable. I have still yet to get the 10m out of my boardbag! That how windy it has been!

Ive had a mixture of conditions from waves and freestyle. Im mostly training in Big Bay which I find massively challenging.

Im almost always on my 7m and my favourite tricks are on the way out, so I have to set myself up between waves and gusts and sometimes its a little too tricky. Ive got my fitness and strength back and am sticking my flat 3 much more regualarly and landed 7 blind judges the other day which is good, but not working on too much new stuff in the freestyle.

With the waves its another story. I've been getting out on my board far more regularly and feeling very comfortable on it. I can get out in pretty big waves now without fearing my life! Friday was pretty immense with waves well over head high. I just need to work on getting steeper more powerful turns!

Im off road tripping for the next couple of weeks. Its time to see some sites. Will bring pictures when I can.

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