Monday, January 24, 2011

Seriously, I had completely forgotten!

Wow, I cant believe it. I have been here in South Africa for 2 weeks now! I seriously had completely forgotten how good kitesurfing can be! Stuck in the depths of winter in the UK doesn't do any good for the health and if you have the chance to escape to the sunshine for even a long wind then I really recommend it. Forecast in tarfa is going off! Anyhow, for me here I am so happy to finally have arrived. Sorry it has taken so long to write an update but Ive been lapping up kiting kiting and kiting - and can you believe with had 7m weather and 5m weather the whole time.

Its quite funny, this was the longest stint I have been without kitesurfing. I've had a slightly disappointing year with my travels not scoring highly on the wind. Everywhere I have been I feel like Ive really not been able to get my teeth in to kiting. Now here in South Africa its like the good old days before the 'bad' seasons! This one has been firing on all cylinders. In two weeks we have been getting wind everyday except perhaps two! The long term forecast is pretty epic also.

For those of you only in to the waves we have even been scoring some decent swell, but if Im honest I havent yet looked at my waveboard! I have been building up my strength and confidence on the water and taking it pretty easy in terms of moves Ive been trying. Now that Im feeling fitter and stronger Im ready to start pushing harder and today I began with the unhooked tricks.

Aside from kitesurfing I have managed to fit a few other things in and last week on a day of no wind a few friends and I headed to Table Mountain on a quest to walk all the paths up there, across the top, back across the top and back down a different side! Jeez, by the time we got back at 7pm at night I felt like I had walked the earth! Where better to do then on Table Mountain???

Ive ventured down to Cape Point on the hunt for baboons, Simonstown to kidnap a penguin and in to Camps Bay for a little drink or two! It has been epic!

The Progression team are out here - you know the Progression DVD's in the shops. They are collecting loads more footage to update on to their website and bring to you a new DVD so I have been meeting up with them regularly. Jim from Kiteworld is out here too, so expect a South African feature to come in the next issue.

Next month I am running a coaching course from Langebaan where the wind blows, but the waves stay away so its perfect if you are looking to improve your level. I have big house hired with a view of the lagoon, so its going to mega. There is one space left so if you want to get involved then check out my website for further info. Also Im slowly updating the technique section so keep your eyes peeled for 'know how' on moves from back loops to air handle passes.

Photo's courtesy of Fiona Claisse / apart from the one of the baboon which is Ian Edmondson. Well its not actually Ian. It was taken by him!

Will write again soon


Boris Terzic said...

Any plans to come to North America? The great lakes specifically?

Kasia Kite Babe said...

It looks like Ian thou! ;-) :-)