Friday, December 17, 2010

The UK before SA

Over here in the UK right now we are going through the coldest Autumn that I can remember. I suspect that I should be calling it winter, but I reserve that for after Christmas usually. Up here in Cumbria like much of the rest of the country we had loads of snow.

(Heading up towards Hellvelyn to check out the snow kiting)

Ive got to be honest, kitesurfing was out of the question for about 2 weeks with temperatures reaching -10 degrees and lower almost on a daily basis. Finally we had a big thaw and saw temperatures raise into +figures so yesterday I braved the water again which was an interesting set of affairs.

Ive been keeping myself fairly fit in the spells of not kitesurfing mixing it up with mountain biking, gym classes and some running, but man there is no substitute for good old kitesurfing. I miss it loads and so does my body. This morning Im aching from head to toe, some of that could be to do with the 4 hour shiver session after the kiting but generally from the aches in my stomach muscles Im pretty sure it was all about the kiting. Despite the cold yesterday was a real treat. barrow doesn't treat us to much wave action, its more of a freestyle location however yesterday was lovely! Small waves came into the bay.

They were around head high and the wind was blowing cross off shore from the right. Thats my favorite for wave riding so I ditched the twin tip with minutes and spent the session on the waveboard. I had a few nice rides and it didnt take long to forget about the cold. Finally the wind swung straight offshore and dropped off. My hands were numb, so I took it as a good time to stop for the day. The forecast is a bit all over the shot, so Im not sure when my next session will be however the snow did fall again yesterday and the hills are back to magic white, so a venture into the hills with kite and snowboard in tow are definitely tools out to play on Saturday.

Im heading to South Africa in January. Im having a few weeks kitesurfing where I intend to work on my wave riding as well as my freestyle. I will be staying in Table View.

After that Im heading up to Langebaan for a couple of my Jo Wilson Coaching Kitesurfing Holidays. They are really good fun and a great place to immerse yourself amongst a group of like minded highly motivated kitesurfers.

We have a beautiful house over looking Langebaan lagoon and based in early - mid February we have amazing chances of great wind. It looks as though South Africa is delivering an amazing season as we speak so I cannot wait to get back out there.

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