Friday, January 28, 2011

Its a dogs life

Well you may or may not have gathered that I'm in South Africa. The wind has blown near enough every day since I arrived on January 12th. Today the waves are pumping and for once I bit the bullet, left the twin tip at home and hit the beach for some hard core radical wave riding - Im pretty sure that was what I was doing!!!???

Anyhow as I was walking to the beach this morning for my pre breakfast session I had one of my flashes of my top 15 reasons of why I love the beach so much. i thought Id take this time to share them with you: -

1. I have had no sign or sight of my footwear for 3 days
2. My hair is permanently in a salty, straggly mess
3. I never have van problems as my journey to the 'office' involves a 2 minute walk to the beach
4. In complete association to point number 3. I couldn't give a monkies about what the fuel price is doing right now because I have no idea! Same goes for the VAT increase!
5. The only time I get to see darkness is if I wake up in the middle of the night to go for a pee
6. Its always slightly uncomfortable to squeeze my hands in to a fist because Ive been hanging on to the bar just that little bit too long.
7. A new ache presents itself on a daily basis
8. I never feel blobby from eating too much and doing too little
9. My 6 pack is on its way back and Im not even trying
10. I fall asleep the second i switch the light off!
11. Its no longer the cold that is making my nose red and flakey.

12. I cant remember the last time I saw my make up bag
13. I can hear the waves breaking each morning before I get out of bed.
14. I dont need to think about what Im going to wear each day because its generally very little.
15. Everyone outside is smiling.

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