Monday, January 31, 2011

South Africa continues to rock

The wind has continually blown since my last update and yesterday I was beginning to feel worn out! It was all down to a day 2 days ago where the wind didn't quite pull through, so I finally got a lengthy session on my 9m.

(throwing in a railey far too close to the sand)

I've just started to feel kitesurfing fit again which took almost 3 weeks bang on the dot, so I decided it was time to up the pace and throw out some unhooked moves. True to form 9m weather didn't last all day and by the evening I was out on my 7m over powered.

(this will be me missing the grab after a exhausting 9m session)

For the next few days Jalou Langeree and I are filming for the next of our Candy Coated Diairies, so watch this space to see more.

Thanks to Grant Hulley for the photos.

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