Wednesday, May 13, 2009

North Wales and Blackpool

Kiting in the Uk is just off the scale at the moment. Its been windy for the passed two weeks. Last Saturday I set off to the North and rocked up to join the Turbulence crew from It seemed that I had picked summer and although i resisted putting on my summersuit the sun was shining and weather warm.

I guess locally people had thought I had picked the wrong time to ride as everyone was heading in after having enjoyed a early morning session, but sunshine and wind seems like a good combination to me so decided to head out. I took my 10m Torch and hit the kind of shallow channel. To be fair ankle snapping at this tide did spring to mind, but in conditions like that you just have to land it... or not! I sampled both.

It was great to be back on the water and full of energy. My wrist didn't bother me and out came the F16's, blind judge attempts and back to blinds. I had some great landings and some even better crashes and was stoked at the end of the day to be tucking into lasagne with a sunburnt nose and a tired body and fuzzy brain.

This was just the start. Sunday saw the end of the sunshine, but just the beginning of the wind. For the next 2 days I scored West Shore with Martyn Hogg, Johara Sykes Davis and Sheryl with winds blowing 25knots and above. This time it was pretty cold and raining (not the best for Ian edmondson from who was making the most of the conditions and shooting some arty shots from the shore.) Once the tide had fallen below the sandbar the water went from choppidy chopster to totally flat. Then its inevitable that the crashes are coming because despite the strong wind you can't help but go for the tricks when the water is that enticing. Martyn and I landed some good stuff, but the face plants were the greatest to watch.

Mid week I hit rhosneigr. This is the place where I learned. I haven't been back for so long and it was ace to drive my van down the road to the beach front and see the familiar flags blowing and the waves rolling in. Popping into the shop - Funsport was cool and the new layout of all the clothes - hmm the clothes was ace. I took my 8m Torch out for a session, but true to form as I always remember it Rhosneigr then up'd the force and I was hanging on for dear life watching some local kiters going for kite loops and flat 3's.

Following Rhosneigr it was time to head to Blackpool and Fleetwood via some mountain biking in both Llangollen and randomly the lakes.

The wind remained on full force while in Blackpool and Ian Edmondson came by to take photos. Ali Barrett was out having it and the sun shone after a few days of rain. By the time of the demo weekend held by Hangtime Kite Sports I was sure that the wind would have blown itself out, but no chance. it remained full force and the 7.5m Cult came out to play.

The demo weekend was a success and Naish arrived alongside F One, Flexifoil, Airush and the wave kiter Felix Pivec. I was running coaching courses for my new business which ran from 9am - 6pm, so I missed the most of it, but both my students and I scored some great wind and had a lot of fun. By the evening it was time to drink a lot of redbull - and may be some vodka, perhaps even some jeiger and messily ended up propping up a kebab stand at 5am arguing with the taxi cab who had just picked someone else up instead of us. Returning home yesterday was a full on mission and my voice has left the building after such a satisfying 9 days away.

On Friday Im heading to Southampton for some more coaching. Its the busiest weekend yet. the forecast has teased windy not windy windy not windy and now windy again!! let the luck be in and the coaching sessions begin!!

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