Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kiting, coaching and broken bones!

Hey, what a crazy couple of months it has been. Highs lows and happy times! So the low part was breaking my wrist 3 months ago. I fell off my bike on my way to a track and fractured a little bone that doesn't like to heal. Look really closely at that little hook shape bone - yup the one with a line across it!

Doctors gave me a plaster that was 'special' which meant i could get it wet. In hindsight they probably meant the shower or bath, but never say that to a kitesurfer cos off I tootled to the beach on more then one occasion.

One thing I have learned in kitesurfing is that many a doctor kitesurfs and after a particularly good session at my local beach i had the dreaded phone call from my GP saying 'hey Jo, how was kiting?' Busted. He gave me the spiel and no more kiting for me for 6 weeks.

Fortunately this time was put to good use and I have now set up the business Jo Wilson Coaching, Windward Bound Ltd. I have coaching courses for intermediate to advanced riders around the UK, but more excitingly pioneering coaching holidays in Egypt, Brasil, Capetown and my own beautiful country the UK - Cornwall to be precise.

The holidays are set up to offer maximum coaching time at uncrowded idyllic locations where the water is warm and the wind constant. They are places where I go to train my socks off when Im feeling left behind. They are designed for you to work with me on your own goals whether thats styling up your riding by adding some transitions, jumps or rotations or taking it to the next level with kite loops, raileys and blind riding. It doesnt end there because then we can take it further and really work on unhooked tricks and powered riding. I'll show you the steps to build these tricks up slowly and safely and for you to really understand how to reach the next level. They are for the fully motivated kitesurfer who wants to spend as much time on the water as possible and push their limits and work on reaching their full potential. The first trip is ATOL protected to Ras Sudr in Egypt for £899 including flights, half board accommodation, rescue, storgae, coaching and transfers. There are only 6 places and its going to be mega.

Right back to my kitesurfing. Well the UK has upped the temperatures finally now and hitting the water has been a total delight. I've had 4 sessions in the passed 8 days and a couple more before that. In fact last friday in Exmouth I even bought out the summer suit! In 12m weather thats fine, but the following day at bigbury it was back to the winter suit but hurrah for the 6m and sunshine! So good!

My timing had lost the plot and landing my previous tricks still needs some serious work, but Im getting there and on Saturday at the end of the day I passed a full powered blind judge. To be far I landed it on my head which gave me a brain rattle and the pass pulled my arm a treat reminding me that I need to eat my spinach, but it was sick!!

Loving being back on the water so much it hurts!!

During June, July, August and September I have a lot of free time to lay on some trips for coverage, so watch this space for interesting photos and updates! Im back into action and ready to unleash the fury!!!

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