Thursday, May 28, 2009


I seem to be on a quest to kite as many spots as possible around the UK this year. After making the decision to not compete on the entire world tour it has lead to spending far more time in the UK. I love it. Afterall this is why we got into kiting.

Being based down South I have no idea about Barrow in fact the only reason why I know it exists is because the BKSA ran a couple of competitions there on their UK circuit. I quick internet search and I found Gary. Gary is a friendly guy running a kitesurfing school from Earnse bay. He is the man of local knowledge and he introduced me to a spot just out of Barrow. I swear the most perfect freestyle action you can have. His web address is in case you want to get in touch anytime you are passing near by.

yeah the water is cold, but the sun was out and the water was butter flat. Time flew by and the only reason to stop kiting was the tide heading out leaving butter flat water protected by a causeway dry! Here are some pictures from John Price!! John was shooting from the shore and could get right up close to the action! It was great to have him there and he took some great shots. Hope you enjoy them.

To be continued....

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lovely bum!