Friday, March 13, 2009

Jo Wilson Coaching

Well I have been pretty quiet back here in the UK for the winter because I’ve been working on starting up a business in Coaching and Coaching Holidays. I finished competing on the PKRA at the end of 2008 having enjoyed 4 years on the Tour. Im sure I will still do a competition here and there to keep the girls on their toes – or should I say keep me on my toes, but now I will be running Jo Wilson Coaching alongside Professional Kitesurfing.

Together with Naish International, Protest Boardwear, NPX Wetsuits and Sunset Beach Hotel my contracts have been renewed which Im really stoked about and we have decided that it would be good for me to focus on creating extra coverage in magazines, television and DVD’s as opposed to focusing on the World Tour where coverage is super hard to achieve. Im happy with the plan so watch the mags closely but this arrangement also gives me time on something that I have enjoyed dabbling with in the passed – Coaching.

Jo Wilson Coaching is all about pushing yourself and achieving your potential. It is about bypassing brick walls and overcoming fears and concerns. The aim is to boost you out of your comfort zone and take you to whichever level you would like to achieve whether that be rotations, grabs, unhooking, kite loops or even handle passes. My motto is to keep things fun, energetic but effective because you ride the best when you are enjoying yourself. I will show you progressive steps to build yourself up to each move allowing you to learn in a fun and safe manner eliminating the fear factor as much as possible.

I have a website currently being built where you can find out more information on my UK Tour dates and coaching holidays both in the UK and abroad, but for now click on the picture above and you will be able to see where and when I will be. Places are limited and are available to Intermediate to Advanced Kitesurfers only.

I will be running 3 different courses in basic freestyle, upper freestyle and advanced freestyle to group people of similar levels and each course will have a maximum of 4 people for 3 hours to ensure enough one to one attention without hitting information overload. The courses are guidelines so you can choose one which best suits your level, but we will work towards your own personal goals.

Last but certainly not least I will be travelling with a range of Naish’s demo equipment for you to try and test at your leisure at any point during the day – before, during or after your course!

If you visit website you can win a free day's coaching, the box set of Fatsands' Progression series and a t-shirt. Good luck and hope to be working with you soon.

Please contact for more information or call me on +447919276405.

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