Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brasil Baby - Uruau

I have been in Brasil for 3 weeks now and the wind has been non stop. I have been based as usual in Sunset Beach Hotel where you can use the compressor to inflate your kite each morning right in the garden. After a breakfast of nutella and banana pancakes (oh yes and 5 portions of fruit) you then just hop over the fence where you are instantly on the beach. My most used kite has been by far and away my 6m. My 12m hasn’t seen the light of day and the times that my 10m have come out I have been over powered. The 8m has been used a lot in the afternoons.

(Kiting on the ocean at Uruau)

The days are action packed but so laid back which makes it hard to draw yourself away however there is a spot that I visited 4 years ago that has been on my mind. The spot is Uruau. Its 2.5 hours south of Cumbuco and hadn’t been developed. There were no kiters unlike the busy Cumbuco but there was wind, lagoons and of course the ocean.

(Uruau early morning)

Well a dream place like this couldn’t stay completely undiscovered for long and over the passed year Pro Kite Brasil have been setting up a base for kitesurfers. Their centre literally is a centre with beautiful kite school, a spacious storage room, flat screen tv playing kiting movies throughout the day, compressor, shop, restaurant, pousada on the beach. They have a second pousada a few hundred metres from the beach to cater for big groups.

(The Pro Kite Brasil crew who I guarentee can keep you entertained from morning until night!)

This spot is awesome and so versatile. First you have a mini lagoon for intensive kitesurfing. Its only about 100m x 80m and it’s a bit risky if your going for kite loop handle passes etc. but for other moves its sweet and its great for building up your confidence with tricks.

(The wind stays until after sunset and the lagoon makes it safe to keep on practising even if the light leaves)

Just a short walk from the lagoon you have the ocean with really nice kickers and then if you have buggy access (which Pro Kite Brasil can provide). You are within half an hour of so many other lagoons where there are barely any kiters!! I went for 3 days, but it wasn’t even nearly enough time and am heading back there at the end of the week for 3 more days… lets just hope this time I don’t get lost on Fortaleza AGAIN!!!!

If you want to contact Pro Kite Brasil for more information then check out their website They are based just around 1.5 hours from fortaleza or 2.5 hours from Cumbuco.


gio said...

quanto dista uruau da prainha????

Jo Wilson said...

Not sure where Prainha is. You can email for more information. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Its about an hour an half drive (driving as a local or abuout two hours driving as a gringo) and about 75 miles. Well worth a visit.