Friday, September 26, 2008

Brazil PKRA - Too much Fun!

At the last event in Canada I secured my position for the tour this year. I had to beat Angela Peral in Canada, Brazil and Chile in order to take her ranking of 5th place. I was sure I could do this but a mixture of not so great riding and bad uck saw me lose to her in Canada and therefore unable to beat her overall this year on the tour. I didn’t have to come to Brazil and I don’t have to go to Chile and it wont effect my ranking of 6th place. However Brazil is not an opportunity to be missed and I happily made the decision to come here as my last event.

The journey was an adventure in itself as the flight was a two stage process where I only made it to the gate in Lisbon with moments to spare on last call. Anyhow with two seats to myself all the way to Fortaleza and my kit arriving no problem I certainly had no complaints! Once in Fortaleza however I had a 6 hour wait before a 7 hour bus ride to the event location of Parnaiba in the North of Brazil.

I heard rumours of the wind being excessively strong and of something similar to fuerteventura so I wasn’t convinced on the idea, but on arrival I have only great things to say. Yes the wind is strong, but so far I have certainly not been over powered and today I was riding my brand new Torch 2009 8m. The competition is really relaxed with a hotel right on the beach where we can chill by the pool, take a drink or have some food while still watching the continuation of the event. Its pretty sweet. Once it is time for your heat or you decide you want to ride you literally leave the poolside, put your harness on and hit the water.

I feel completely different here. Perhaps because the only pressure comes from what I put on myself. I can come last and it makes no difference, but obviously that is not on my itinerary. I’m the first one to recognise when I ride badly or have a bad heat but today was a ground breaking day for me. I rode the best 7 minutes I have ever ridden in my life. In my heat I landed a powered railey to blind immediately off green flag followerd dirently by an air handle pass. I could have landed this more cleanly, but actually it wasn’t so bad. Next I did a downloop railey to blind followered by a big back to blind surface pass. I surprised myself with this one. Baring in mind it is my last competition I thought what the hell. It would be great to land a blind judge in the heat. The powered handle passes have been causing me grief for much too long and at some point I am going to get the better of them and with the thought ‘there is no time like the present’ I gave it all my strength, all my ‘grrrr’ and boom. I landed a full powered one clean as a die! This I actually fully couldn’t believe. Still with time to spare I went for another air handle pass which I was determined to land clean, but I tripped the rail as the kite went into a loop! Not to matter – didn’t car in the world. I had just nailed the best heat of my life full powered on my 8m! Stoked! It was just a shame that I was against Karolina Winkowski who nailed a slim chance, blind judge and s bend pass! Wilson went down happy nonetheless!

Tomorrow I have Aisha Litwin who rode what was considered the best ever girls heat against Bruna Kajyia. She landed a blind judge, 313, slim chance and s bend pass, but this still wasn’t enough to win, so tonight I have been on the water practising my back to blind air passes, but to be fair. I’ll give it everything I’ve got, but I certainly don’t have all that! Thank goodness for 82 more days in Brazil!!!!

Shall keep you posted! (more images to come but internet connection is shocking)

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