Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back in Uruau

Well after returning back to Cumbuco after my last trip to Uruau (can anyone say that???) we scored a mix of conditions ranging for a perfect training 15 - 18 knots for 3 days and then straight up to 30+ knots for a couple of days to. Cumbuco is perfect for practisng freestyle especially when the tide is low as the sea stays relatively flat. Here you can guarantee plenty of space for training on the sea which is not always guaranteed on the lagoon.

Im working on so many different moves which makes a change for me as I usually get stuck with one, but these days I mix it up by getting stuck with loads! Well not really stuck. I have been landing blind judges fairly consistently these days and occasionally nailing the back to blind air pass. Im passing the bar for the front mobe sometimes and today the back mobes to! All i need to do now is convince myself that im not going to knee myself in the face again trying a 313 and life will be sweet!! Oh actually land some of the mobes to!

Two days ago 4 of us hit the road again for another road trip back to Uruau. There are many spots close to here and with the tides high in the middle of the day the opportunity couldnt be missed. Its hard to know where to go and when but with the local knowledge of Pro Kite Brasil we do not seem to be going too far wrong.

Yesterday we began with Lagoon 1. Its half an hour up the beach and it is just immense. The water is much brighter then further North and the tide comes in filling a huge lagoon outlined with sandbars and shallow areas - perfect for learning to kite and for learning tricks.

The place of today is my latest favourite spot. Its basically a big river mouth and has a wind against tide effect. Today the wind was super light but in the river I was full powered on my 10m Torch 4. The water couldnt have been flatter and it was perfect for training. You can kite as far into the river as you dare and the wind doesnt get messed up. Today some guy rode by me (he literally came out of nowhere and disappeared upwind and out of sight. It is certainly something special.

The places are another level for kitesurfing. The wind is a few knots lighter then in Cumbuco which is especially good lately as it has been relentlessly 6m weather plus there is a feeling of safety and serenity to add icing to the cake. It is necessary to have some local knowledge so you can contact Gi Gi or Ricci at and they will happily arrange you accommodation, buggy hire, kit hire, kite lessons and much more. They certainly saved our asses at Lagoon 1 when we arrived to a windy deserted lagoon with no pump...

Tomorrow is yet another day and with so many choices Im going to leave it in the capable hands of others to decide the days fate - so far so good :-) Will keep you posted

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