Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PKRA Round 4 Dominican Republic

Today saw the the start of the next round of the PKRA. Its by far the biggest event for a long time. Qualifying rounds were held all afternoon and it was pretty exciting with a monster shore breaking taking no mercy! The wind remained super light all day with riders taking their 12ms and bigger. From tomorrow the main event kicks off. With a full round of both men and women it is going to be a tough challenge to reach the top. I have been riding here for the passed 10 days and although finding tricks difficult to land on the way out I am still feeling mighty confident because I land to blind on the way in. I am really close to my back to blind air passes and landed one last time I was on the water and I fuly intend to land my next tomorrow! Lets wait and see what happens, but Power, speed and concentration are on the forefront of my mind! Fingers crossed!!!

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