Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dominican Republic Comp Build Up

We have been 4 days here in the dominican republic, 3 days of running, 2 days of wind, 1 broken kite and 1 broken handle pass leash since the arrival.

On the plus side my new full carbon 2009 Naish Thorn board 130cm is optimising my landings a treat. Taking off is a little more difficult, but seriously I'm landing some stuff where Im like 'wow' how? So all is good. The Dominican Republic is a choppy destination much like brighton at home only with much much warmer temperatures. There are no wetsuits necessary here. We are staying just two minutes from the beach in a 3 bedroom house with balconies, fully equipped kitchen, swimming pool and the rest. If anyone is coming out hee then this house is the perfect place and a really good price to, so give me a shout if you are interested.

We have been on a training camp since arriving. Each morning we wake up around 7am and go for a run along the beach and return home finishing with a sprint. To cool off we swim some lengths in the pool (short pool) and then follow it up with some stretches and strengthening exercises. The wind hasn't been kicking in until lunch time so this gives a couple of hours to chill out after breakfast lounging around the pool, reading books or writing articles. Its perfect to build the anticipation to get on the water.

I have been working on blind judges and back to blind air pass. Its going well. Have had a combination of massive wipeouts and some success. Have passed the bar in the air a couple of times (one for each move). Hopefully today shall see some more success.

Last night saw the arrival of the rest of the crew to our house and here we have most of the brits - Sam Light, Ali Barrett, Johara Sykes-Davis, Myself and then Elena Pitoulis from greece as well. I think the cleaner is going to have a freak out!!! Anyhow just waiting for the wind to pick up now. As soon as we have some photos I shall upload them.
Happy kiting x

PS. Check out my new office :-)

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