Sunday, June 29, 2008

6th Place Dominican Republic

So here in Dominican Republic we began the trip with great wind and great training, but as we progressed into the second week the weather took a turn for the worse accumulating in a huge storm for our last day today. The competition was a success and the freestyle was completed, but it was run in a very on and off manor as clouds and rainstorms passed through.

(all the pretty colours on the beach)

Choice of kites was a stress in itself as a few minutes before a big cloud would come through the wind would pick up to 25 knots followed by instantly before the cloud it would drop to perhaps 10 knots and sometimes nothing at all. Our kites were blown up from 6m through to 12m to cover any possibility that may present itself.

(focusing before my heat!)

In the end I rode my 10m in every heat. I had just one heat where I didnt keep my head together and my kite went down in the shore break and was doomed. Susi Mai was my savour and came to rescue me, but my lines were in a mess and I was unable to ride the last couple of minutes of the heat. Fortunately I passed that heat and continued to have more good heats. In the single elimination I was up against Bruna Kaiya who is leading the world tour this year. I landed some good moves against her, but her powered handle passes are no match to what I can do right now and I need to up my game to beat her! In the double elimination I beat a new rider from Poland who landed a slim chance in my heat, but i landed a big air handle pass and 3 powered moves to blind, so fortunately I advanced. Next heat however I missed my handle pass and only landed two tricks to blind so in a 3-2 decision by the judges I lost to Angela Peral and finished in 6th place overall!

(the elimination ladder for the women)

As I whole I rode well and kept my head together and I feel pretty happy about how things went. I had a tough draw with Bruna which saw me out of the single elimination and I feel like although I rode well I have more to offer and could make it higher in the rankings overall.

(Railey to blind - hopefully these will be passed in the air on a regular basis after some training next month.)

Next up we have the next round of the PKRA in Tarifa on Wednesday and then Im off to Moon Beach in Egypt with Airspace to get some fun training time where I hope to get the blind judge, back to blind air pass and back mobe accomplished or any one of these 3! I'm praying for wind!!!

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