Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dominican Republic here I come

I'm now loaded up with the 2009 Full Carbon Version of the Naish Thorn and the new Naish Harness. Its all packed and ready to go after having spent some time admiring it leaning up against the wall. I cannot wait to go and try it out. I have been home in the UK now for 4 weeks and although I have had some kiting in this time the sessions have been few and far between and just lately sessions in 10 knots of wind. The kiting has progressed in this time so I'm feeling good for the competition which begins on June 25th, but I am so excited to spend some long periods of time on the water with some decent strength wind before then. Perhaps this is the trip of the illusive back mobe - who knows! Anyhow I shall keep you updated and get some pictures online busting some stunts on the new board. Happy kiting x

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kiteboardingkites said...

Its been a while since this post. I wonder who won the race? And the updated pictures? Just love to see those thrilling "pose" because am too is an avid kiteboading enthusiast.