Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PKRA Round 6 - Fuerteventura

Well the first day of the competition is complete and after 3 days of no wind it was a god send to actually have it back. I hit the water on my 8m Naish Torch 3 at around 10am to become used to the conditions and to cool off! Its hit 46 degrees here over the last couple of days, so to say having a session was refreshing would be an understatement!!

The competition kicked off with course racing, so I didn't have a heat until 5pm and then I was up against the daughter of a fella who showed Kirsty Jones and myself the ropes of Lanzarote a few years ago while on a travel feature trip for Kitesurf Magazine. She was only small then and just a beginner, so to see her riding on the world tour was pretty special. She can't be older then 15, but i guess even that is getting old for a PKRA competitor these days... not bitter at all about losing my first place to a 12 year old here last year :-)

Tomorrow I have Naish team mate Karolina Winkowski. She's riding really well these days and landed a sweet kite loop handle pass in Venezuala earlier in the year, so I'm hoping for strong wind because I love it and she is only small. It will be a tough heat, but not impossible! Karolina and I will be the first on the water tomorrow at 10am. Please keep your fingers crossed for me because I want this sooooooo bad! I'll keep you posted x

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