Saturday, July 28, 2007

The news from Fuerteventura

Well I arrived in Fuerteventura safe and sound. The journey from Plymouth to Manchester went swimmingly despite the floods! I got a good view of some very soggy fields, but fortunately the train track had been re-opened. I spent the night in Manchester and then was picked up by some friends who dropped me to the airport the following morning.

Once at Manchester airport I came close to missing my flight all because of a sausage roll. I checked in and sent my bags through then went on a mission to get Britain’s finest sausage roll from Manchester airport station. It’s a fair mission, but would have been worth it if it wasn’t for the fact that the station has now replaced the home made version for a mass produced version which I wasn’t best impressed about! I walked all that way persuaded the ticket checking man to let me through as I didn’t want a train only to find out Ginsters had cornered the market!! Gutted!

Next came the dilemma! I then returned to a terminal sausage rolless. I swear I went the right way, but obviously didn’t because I arrived in a different terminal super confused! I then realised I didn’t have a clue from which terminal I was flying! Lovely! After a quick phone call to Photographer Ian Edmondson. I did make it back finally in the nick of time and even managed to grab a sufficient but less satisfying burger!

So anyway back to what I should be talking about – kiting!!

The plane particularly loudly came in to a bumpy landing in puerto rosario. I wasn’t bothered because out the window I could see the speckles of white caps on the ocean. It was blowing a good 18 – 20 knots!!! Mission - accomplish car hire and get to the south in time for a session!!!

On arrival in Sotavento true to form it was HOWLIING!!! 6m weather through and through and it has remained the same until today. My 6m Naish Torch 3 and I have become re-acquainted after a good 3 weeks break from one another. It seemed that the break was the way forward and the moves are coming on – although so are the achy muscles. Today however someone has hit the emergency button on the wind machine and it appears that the workman are unable to fix it until at least tomorrow – however it is a Sunday and it is Fuerteventura so who knows!!! Good to let the muscles catch up with themselves I suppose but I’m dead keen to get back on the water! The competition starts on the 31st, so still a few more days left to practise! Bring it on!!!

Last two pictures courtesy of Ian Edmondson

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