Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pegged out so hard

So for the first competition of the season things didn't go according to the grand master plan! I'm making no excuses because it is the same for everyone, but the conditions were not ideal. The wind was blowing cross off from over the cliffs making the wind really gusty. I went out with a goal to bust a couple of big moves after all if it was the World Tour popping simple moves just wouldn't cut the mustard no matter how many you did! I'd rather go out try some hard moves and risk wiping out (which I did) rather then rack up points with so called 'safe' moves because thats not my style! Someone (Judge) told me while I was there that they would rather see 6 hooked in kite high moves to keep the spectators happy rather then a couple of big powered trick which are defiantely a lot harder. Unfortunately his view forced upon me the way he did made me cross beyond the imagination because in my belief that regresses kitesurfing! Why should someone learn a hard trick if they can achieve the same result busting lots of easy tricks? I hope that message hasn't been taken home by anyone after this weekend. Once that was said there wasn't enough time between heats to calm my head down and from then on hand eye co-ordination didn't come quite so easily! In my mind Helen Thompson should have won that heat. She didn't bust so many moves either but landed a nice back loop kite loop unhooked in those conditions was pretty damn hard! Well done mate!

Hopefully i have just got all my bad heats out the way in one fell swoop and from here on I hope to have a turnaround. The next competition is the first of the World Tour and it begins in Venezuala.
Pictures courtesy of Debbie Scotson.


Tom said...

Unlucky with the comp jo..

Dunno if you remember but I got in touch with you few months back asking for tips on good kiting destinations for a rtw trip.. Well I've booked all my flights and after a short stop in miami, my first proper destination is venezuela in 1 weeks time, so you've just made me realise I'll be there to watch the PKRA tour, awesome.. Hope you have better luck then

Jo Wilson said...

hey tom, hey thats wicked. I bet your well excited! Make sure you come and say hi :-)