Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Heading home from South Africa

Well its been an up and down final week of wind in South Africa. The end of the season has hit and the wind has taken a downward turn. In 7 days we have had 3 days of wind so the training on the water has slowed right down. The competition season starts in a couple of weeks and although I don't feel like I have learned enough (can never learn enough) I feel like I've put in my 100% effort and I am ready and excited to start the tour! My blind landings are much more consistant, my handle passes are coming on and my kite loops - well just love them!!! One last day - and its a windy one then I fly back to England! Hope that Virgin dont stitch me up with excess baggage. Next stop British Championships Round 1 in Watergate Bay.

This is where I have been training in South Africa.

Pictures by Justin Bufton at Pulse8 Images

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