Thursday, April 19, 2007

4th PKRA World Tour, Venezuala

So today was the first day (with wind) of the PKRA World Tour 2007. It was held in El Yaque, Margarita, Venezuala. The girls have really up'd the pace. We had some really good wind first for the 10m and then for the 8m and as the day went on the action increased. I had a mixture of heats riding really well in some and not so well in others, but i was pleased because in all my heats i managed a aerial handle pass. Other moves I landed were full power railey to blind, down loop s bend, back to toeside surface handle pass and some more stuff, but everything goes so fast that I can't keep up even with myself. In my heat against the KPWT World Champion who is 13 years old I lost my mojo... well i didnt really lose my mojo, but i kept catching a glimpse of her killing it landing all kinds of air passes. I had no chance of winning this heat with my normal moves, so I was determined to land my latest (but inconsistant) trick- powered back mobe plus a full on effort for my front mobe. I came real close with the back mobe, but not close enough and it was good practise. It was a fun heat, but I got well and truely beaten and took some big wipeouts. I finished 4th overall today so the same as my ranking last year, but tomorrow there is the double elimination (a second chance to climb higher in the results). Tonight is a chill night in preparation and I shall put my best foot forward to make top 3 tomorrow! Bring it on!!!!

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