Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5th in the doubles and 3rd Best Trick

So in the end there was not so much wind for the finals of the first round of the PKRA here in Venezuala! My heat to maintain my 4th place was spent hanging out with the downwind bouys and chatting with some fish in the lull's... well it wasn't that bad (i didnt chat with some fish) but I was against Ania Grzlinska who can pull anything off to blind or wrapped especially when the wind is light. I passed my aerial handle pass with a wet landing and managed a nice down loop railey to blind as well as a railey to blind, but I was unable to do any powered moves with no wind in my kite. For a light wind heat i felt I competed well, but these are not my conditions that I excel in, so I lost my 4th place and ended up in 5th.

For the best trick contest I finished 3rd. This was a better result and one I hope to see more of. The score went on 50% height and 50% technical ability, but once again there was little wind. I went for my old faithful as big a kite loop as possible. It wasn't my biggest I can promise you that, but I guess the other people were not able to go so big either.

Overall the comp here in Venezuala went really well. The organisation was great and thanks to Movistar and Polar Light for sponsoring it. Very few people had any problems with the judging and for the majority of the competition we had good conditions.

Now I go home for a few days and hope to get some wind in England, but Round two kicks off in Austria on Tuesday. Shall keep you posted


ht_kite said...

Congrats JO 3rd is awesome! I'm just checking in on your progress and i can see your doing great. I'm really jealous i wish i was there ! Instead im in UK Scint and looking forward to Barrow :( Someone just sent me an article you wrote in kitesurf in Jan last year "Dont loose your mojo!" I know you can beat them!!Good Luck and keep at it.

ht_kite said...

By the way it Helen incase your wondering who HT is.

Jo Wilson said...

thanks mate. not lost my mojo - what article? i just need to train harder thats all. are u on facebook now?