Friday, April 01, 2011

Norway Ragnarok

Im here in Norway for my first experience in the snow. I've thrown myself in the deep end slightly as Im entering the Redbull Ragnarok which is a 100km challenge across terrain. Its termed the Ragnarok which means battle between the Norse gods! Its a fight between good and evil across the Nowegian plains! Its pretty intense here! very stunning, but man have I got lot to learn.

The race starts today, so actually Ive got to dash as we have the riders meeting in 5 mins! I just wanted to leave my lasting goodbyes before I embark on the challenge! Of course Im going to try to complete the race, but moreso get a feel for it all and perhaps come back next year with more of a competitie mind on!

We have Craig Sawyer here from Bluejuice filming and taking photos which is fab! Right gotta go, running late!

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Anonymous said...

Go Jo!!

Let us know how you get on!

The boys at Cabrinha shop SA