Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Kitesurfing for me and Coaching Courses for others!!

I've been back in the Uk now for a few weeks and in that time I've managed to move house, get out kitesurfing on the water and unleash my UK Coaching Tour upon the Nation!

Im half way through my UK Short Burst Session and have been coaching at Blackpool, Southampton and North Wales so far. This weekend Im coaching in Barrow before hitting Hunstanton. I've been fortunate with the wind and just one course is back logged, but not forgotten!!

On each course I rig up a mis of Naish Helixes 2010 and Naish Torches for my clients to demo and I have been working with people learning their 1st jumps, landing the 1st front rolls or building others confidence in unhooking. Last weekend I had 3 of the guys from the South African Coaching Holiday come back for a follow up course in North Wales where we were working on surface handle passes and raileys to blind. The north easterly wind blew all day and the sun shone on full power from 1st thing til last and we set up camp with bbq's, tunes, fire pouy, tents and campers!

On the 20th May Im hitting Holland for the Kiteboard Open. I've been there for the passed 3 years on the trot with Protest and always had hot, sunny weather and amazing parties! This year the competition is part of the European Cup can only imagine the comp will be bigger then ever before! Rock on the competition heats and the party after!

I've been riding a few times myself around the UK. Had an unexpected epic south coaster session in Southampton 2 weeks ago where the forecast was 5mph but came through at 18mph. Flat water, no boots/gloves/twat cap necessary - not that I ever use them, but in this case I wasn't even cold!! I also hit up Blackpool for a mighty cold session plus Cornwall and Cumbria too!

In June Im heading for a week to Egypt as a warm up session for a summer abroad! Sri Lanka or South America is calling. I have a few new tricks up my sleeve to work on trying to break out in to a new style of riding, so I'm preparing to take some beatings in the warm water before unleashing the new tricks back on European waters and possible even a PKRA contest?!! I just can't wait!!

Please visit my coaching website for further info on courses! There are not many spaces left, but if your lucky and flexible then there is a chance you could come along!

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