Thursday, April 08, 2010

Adrenaline Sports Movie

One of the best new spots I have been recently for kitesurfing is Turkey. I went last year for a random trip and had such an epic time that I went back 1 month later with 6 other riders to make a movie. There are amazing freestyle locations and hardly any of them have really been discovered so there is plenty of wind and loads of space to play and its just a great escape from the usual busy destinations.

Check out the video on you tube and Im sure you'll love it. If you are from the Uk you can fly there directly for just £150 (Izmir) even in peak season. For sure Im heading back this year.

Riders are Ali Barrett (Slingshot), Ania Grzlinska (North), Johara Sykes-Davies (Flexifoil), Robin Sunggs (Flexifoil), James Boulding (Liquid Force), Arzu Tylan (Flexifoil) and of course me keeping it real for Naish!!

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