Sunday, March 07, 2010

South African Adventure - Jo Wilson Coaching

Well after a mammoth 35 hour mission to get back from Boracay I spent a day and a half in England which was long enough to come close to hypothermia at the airport and have a taste of the snow that I had left behind one month previous. It dawned on me that January, February and March are certainly days that I want to escape from the UK for in future. I stayed in the UK for the whole of last winter and stayed a little longer this winter, so its been mentally noted – and now physically noted to never do that again.

(Peaceful Langebaan)

Well a day and a half later in the UK and I was back at the airport checking in for South Africa – somewhere Ive been 6 times before. For the first part of this trip I had a very different mission on my hands – the first of my Jo Wilson Coaching Holidays abroad. I had a full party of 6 clients and one partner of a client arriving the day after me and all super excited for some cracking kitesurfing and hard core coaching to help them achieve the moves that they have been working on or dreaming of for so long.

(The crew - a big task on my hands as all riding North and Mystic)

I was psyched for having organised a trip to where I know to be a fab location to do it. We had a huge house rented 2 minutes from the spot and a forecast which true to form – ‘isn’t usual for this time of year’ yeah yeah yeah... Well it is because it is happening, but despite a not spot on forecast and one day of rain to give the UK a run for its money we had wind everyday for at least 2 hours and for the 2nd half of the week all day long. With loads of different activities lined up from kitesurfing to on the beach work outs, stand up paddle boarding, bbq’s and also missions for table mountain and Camps Bay should we not already be exhausted - which by the end of the week we certainly were!

(Gavin working on his F16's)

On the course I had 2 ladies and 4 guys plus 1 lady having kitesurfing lessons with Constantly Kitesurfing – a local kite school. The 6 people were of varying levels from busting first back loops, boosting big front loops to beginning unhooking and even nailing unhooked back loops kite loops and testing out how to do air handle passes. The group was split in to two so that i could work with 3 together for an hour and a half and then I would work with the other group for an hour and a half. After that it was time for lunch before another coaching strategy in the afternoon.

(Toby learning F16's)

The evenings were fueled with huge bbq’s and cold beers (not too many excl. the last night – as its all about health and fitness) and watching the video footage from the day’s action.

Thanks to everyone who came. I hope you left full of new knowledge, completely kanckered and complete with videos and photos from the course. It was a real pleasure and I look forward to running the clinic again in 2011.

To find out more please visit my coaching website, but for now enjoy the rest of the photos

(Kasia full powered in to an unhooked front roll)

(Jamie briefly breaking from back loops to bust a pop transition)

(Chris bid boosted front loop)

(Amy working on her surface handle pass from railey to toeside)

(The observer gallery)

(Tips on the beach)

I am out in South Africa for one further month working on my tricks and generally having a fab time on the water before returning to the UK in the warmer spring :-) Will keep you posted on my antics...

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