Wednesday, March 17, 2010

South Africa

Ive been in South Africa for 3 weeks now – probably more, but I dont want to think about it like that otherwise it will be time to go home before I know it and I really dont want to do that. Its a real mix of a season – for the short part that I have been here for. We scored wind everyday of my clinic while in Langebaan, but the following two weeks I perhaps got on the water 5 times and of those sessions, some were just evening sessions. This passed week however we have scored it much better and have been on the water for the day for almost a week.

I’ve been working hard on the freestyle which might seem sacrilege as we have had quite a few wavey days but Im a women possessed and determined to learn new tricks, so I have been kiting in either Big bay on the smaller wave days or up in Langebaan on the bigger days. I did take one big day to ride in the waves though which was a lot of fun and good for a rest.

Blouberg where we stay has changed so much on previous years. A whole new shopping/cafe/bar area has been built which looks right over Big Bay. On first sight I was horrified that a quiet area had been destroyed, but got to be honest I now find it a cool place to chill and catch up with friends while watching the surfers or kitesurfers after Ive had a session.

On no wind days we have been either learning to SUP which makes for some awesome wipeouts or we have been walking up table mountain, hitting some beaches around the coast or just chilling around our pad.

Current photos to come

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Boris T. said...

Sounds like a fun time in S.A. Nice blog btw. :)