Saturday, January 30, 2010

The wind keeps on breezing through

Ive been in Boracay well over a week now - getting on two. The wind has been blowing everyday. the afternoons get a little light, but I've normally had a couple of sessions by then and am not too bothered - plus i have another couple of weeks out here, so no stress!

Things have calmed down slightly in terms of there being no water in the lagoon at 6am which is sort of a blessing sort of not. I no longer get my semi solo sessions on the water, but am normally way more alert after a lie in and hitting the beach at 10am instead. Also a few friends have returned home including Sofia and Lisa Melvin and dare I say it Ant Baker, but there are still some great fun people out here to.

The kiting has come on a treat. I am more often then not on my 8m or 10m Naish Torch plus 132cm Naish Momentum which makes a great combination for freestyle. There were some wise words that I took into deep consideration - 'You've got to feel it - not think it'. Oh so true - thanks Sam. The sessions where I hit the water and over anaylse, over anticipate and generally think too much into are never as good as the ones where I just cruise out and bust out a move without thinking! These sessions the kite normally stays in place and the move effortlessly comes out of my body as opposed to a lack of pop pile of dull looking moves when I think too much. Thinking is well over rated and feeling is definitely up my street. Doesn't always work like this, but a great day followed by a less great day followed by another great day is fine by me :-) Am I rambling? I might be! Its hot!

I have worked further with abbo who definitely needs a website for his photos, but for now only has one for his great music. He has taken some beauties and always ready to work with me which is fab. With him and Paul Jackson by the end of the trip you can expect to see a fab article in a magazine!

For now enjoy the photos and will write again soon.

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