Sunday, January 24, 2010

Living it up in the Philippines

Well as promised here is the first in a succession of more regular updates. I have finally hit the lands/oceans of regular wind, endless sun and gorgeous beaches. Is a far cry from what I left behind in the UK.

After 1 train, 3 planes, 1 bus, 1 boat and a tricycle I rocked up on the little island of Boracay in the Philippines. Ive never been somewhere quite so beautiful and with good kitesurfing.

This place is cheap as chips and the locals are hassle free and super friendly. They even prepare your kites for you for a small price no matter what time you decide to kite. That brings me round to my general day. After noticing how busy it can get on the water I decided to leave my time clock back in partial UK time and I get out of bed pretty early to hit the water before most people move an eyelid. I have a couple of fellow companions who join me, but there is plenty of space for 3. It takes a while to wake up and on one morning I totally forgot about onshore winds and close by palm trees plus it was still a little dark and I weaved my kite in amongst the trees n a major case of school boy error. What made it worse was that is was just feet from some power lines. I watched the look of horror on the face of the local and then before I knew it my now hero had climbed up the palm, delicately unweaved it and scooted back down the tree before I could say 'opps!' Anyhow all parties including kite came out completely unscaved and they had me back on the water in time to catch the sunrise. Since that morning Ive been a bit more alert when on the water.

After having spent most of the passed 4 months in the UK and sporadically kiting with the weather systems passing through my level isnt up to scratch, so this passed week has been practising tricks that I can normally do full speed and full power. Handle passes in the air havent really been touched upon, but blind passes and surface passes are coming back pretty quickly.

Im feeling super good from all the kiting and sadistically enjoying the aches and pains. Hanging out at Ocean Republic is super relaxing and great fun. Looking forward to getting out near enough daily for the next 2 months and looking forward to busting out some powered handle passes in the coming weeks.

All photos are credited to abbo. abbo is an awesome musician. He is a singer and songwriter and as yet undiscovered check out his awesome tunes on

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