Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adrenaline Sports Video In Turkey

After never having visited Turkey before I have now been back for the second time in a month. This time we had even better conditions then before and we kited everyday except one.

The aim of this trip was to make a video for Adrenaline Sports. It was down to me to organise this trip although I had been given a head start in that accommodation and car hire was pre arranged for me. It didn't go as easily as I thought but it was a great experience and I learned a lot which I will take with me for the next mission.

The riders that headed out for this trip aside from myself was Johara Sykes Davies British Champion 2007, Ania Grzelisnka KPWT World Champion 2008 plus Ali Barratt who goes big for Slingshot in the UK and Robin Snuggs a Flexifoil rider from the South coast. With us we took James Boulding from Fatsand to film and Ian Edmondson from Expix Photography.

In the 7 days we kited at least two different spots each day and so we racked up our Turkey kitesurfing knowledge. We scored some completely epic freestyle conditions, but some pure dire conditions also. Its always the offshore, gusty locations where the best photos and video come out, so you know when you find a bad spot your gonna have to work you ass off to make the best video.

There will be two videos from this trip. One to bring you more information on the different spots, the better places to ride and more about the area plus another of the more hardcore action just to wet your appetitie. The aim for these videos is to release them in August, so watch this space to find out more.

The highlight of the trip for me was finding a location as flat as the infamous venezualan island - coche. The other highlight (lowlight at the time) was taking the cameraman down with a unhooked railey where I came in a bit too fast and a bit too close. I've never hit someone before and felt really bad, but with nothing broken and a great shot from it on film I can look back and laugh. Forunately for me though, but not for James, I wasn't the only person to take him out! Watch out for the video and see for youself.

I just arrived in Germany for the PKRA. Johara and I travelled here together. It was a major mission after landing from Turkey involving missing one ferry and being stuck in approximately 6 hours of near enough standstill traffic once on the other side.

(Our Bongo in Germany between a Ferrai and Lotus!! Sweet!!)

We were two days late, but havent missed a thing! In fact you can reap the rewards of our boredom in a series of funny articles to be unleashed in Kitesurf Magazine. All good.

Keep you posted x

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