Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow snow snow

The UK is currently making history with the biggest cold snap in 18 years. The country has come to a standstill buses can't run, people cant work and we have apparently lost billions of £££'s because of a few flakes.

I'm not being dismissive because it is difficult for some people, but its too late. Instead of complaining we should welcome the break. On the plus side instead of working out how much money the country has lost then lets work out how much we have saved. We haven't bought enough salt to stop the roads freezing (money saved there) we haven't bought snow chains for our tyres (money saved there) and because we havent bought snow ploughs to cope with the once every 18 year snow bout (a shed load of money saved there) we have saved loads of £££'s.

I bet the AA are making some cash to!!! Instead of all the moaning on the news lets all go onto the streets and throw snowballs at the first people we see. Lets give ourselves a break, take a leaf out of the kids books and have some fun in this depression. Once it all melts - probably by Monday we can get back to it fresh faced and full of smiles :-)

Here's a snowball i prepared earlier x x x

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