Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maui to Madness....

So things have been a bit quiet on the blog front. Sorry about that. I have been kiting approximately 6 times since Maui. Another 4 coming up over the next 4 days. Most of the UK has been hit by a severe cold snap. -8 degrees down on the south coast and much lower up north! My minimum kitesurfing temperature is usually 10 degrees, but it looks like this year Im going to have to toughen up. Ive managed 8 degrees now and still it was fun!! Gonna have to invest in some booties however, my toes haven't looked quite right since! (actually just took a picture of them, but they look pretty normal, so I take that back.) Lets reword that - havent felt quite right since!

Anyhow the best of the sessions was just a few nights ago. I was a bit late to the beach and didn't time the tide well or the light, but the swell pumped through along with the wind and I rode amongst waves that were well over head high at the back of Bantham. The light was pretty dull, but right as the sun began to set the clouds opened enough to let a chink of sunshine through. The session was one to remember for a very long time and I look forward for more to come as the forecast looks sweet again for the next few days to.

Cold but happy times :-)

PS. If anyone has located that green kite. It is mine and I would be MASSIVELY happy to PLEASE PLEASE get it back. Lost on the Avon Estuary between Bigbury and Bantham!


juliesimsar said...

Hi Jo,
Whoua... 8 degrees... you are brave! I get picky when it starts raining in PR, and "drops" to 25!!! haha... getting bad habits! I hope you get your kite back.

ben TODD said...

Hey Jo, It's Ben here...Kittys boyfriend. I just read your bit about twisting hips for a blind judge.....I can't thank you enough!! I saw you doing that when we were out at bantham last month and I copied.....since then judges are down...even with bindings which is just heavier!!!!!

Any how....what I really want is your email adress. I am trying to start an annual event on Anglesey, not on the BKSA tour but a bit like the triple S in hatteras, with a bit ofslider action and some permitting. Anyway. I want to send you a copy of my event proposal and get your opinion and maybe your help to secure a few prizes via sponsors etc.

Any help is gladly recieved, maybe you should take the trip back to the stomping ground and hit my slider??? I could hook you up with some bindings from LF if you fancy it???



Jo Wilson said...

hey hey ben. cool to hear from you. yeah send it across i'd love to hear about it. my email is pretty simple
would love to come up and see you guys soon.
ps. i think i saw you in a mag??? did you come 3rd in a comp?

kiteboardingkites said...

I loved the pics. It makes me say, the more I loved this kiteboarding sport. I loved to fly and to realize it, kiteboarding is the way. But like any other sport, the danger is just around the corner. Precautionary measures should be applied no matter what. Like what you've said, the weather was not that friendly. Just go with the flow.