Thursday, September 04, 2008

Germany PKRA Round Up

I have just returned from the long 800mile drive from St Peter Ording in Germany to Plymouth and what a mission it is to!

I have learned my countries in the correct order for driving, have noted that the roads are pretty well kept and confirmed that all these countries drive on the right hand side. From now on I fly! I travelled to Germany and back in great company with the Bridge family from Edge Watersports

My overall impression of the event in Germany was fantastic. It really blew my mind how much preparation, organisation and popularity the event held. Somedays there was such a traffic jam to leave the beach that we ended up ditching the car and walking home. On our last day it took us over 2 hours to drive 50 miles based on all the traffic leaving!

Naish had a massive presence with not only the biggest stand and ALL the latest equipment for show and demo, but also Robby Naish himself spent his time there. Robby speaks fluent German and is a total superstar over there with people literally throwing themselves at him for autographs and cameras permentantly in his face.

The event was 10 days long and 9 of the days were kiteable. Not all the days were strong enough to run a freestyle event, but certainly over the 10 day period we had more then enough time. Course racing was also held and boardercross to.

In fact we had so much time that we were even able to persuade Robby to get involved with a stand up paddle boarding contest to.

My performance was not my best and I was knocked out very early in the competition and had to settle for a 9th place, but I had so much free riding time where I was riding really well that after the initial frustration I came to a zen and decided that I cant beat myself up about not pulling myself together for the 7 minutes of the heat! Yes I am frustrated because I know I can do better, but I will learn from it for the next event which is in Canada from Tuesday.

Initially I had my reservations about heading to Germany for 10 days, but looking back now it was actually easily the best event of the tour. I can only thank Colgate, Chevrolet, We Love and all the other sponsors! It was awesome!!

More events to come...

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