Monday, August 25, 2008

Germany PKRA

5 days ago I left the UK in a campervan fully laden with kids under 11 and toys for kids of all ages. We set out on the mission to get to St Peter Ording in the north west of Germany for the next competition on the PKRA. We have had a mixture of fortunes and once again I fell to the fate of car trouble and we had a scary tire blow out on the M3 in rush hour. Now you might be starting to wonder if I over inflate my tires, but expert opinion at a tire garage just informed me it was bad luck. 3 cars in two months is just not cricket. Well we had small delays and hairy moments as steph and I changed the wheel with cars zooming passed but a day and a half later we arrived on the vast beach here in Germany.

The weather has been shocking. Yesterday was sunny, but aside from that we have had rain after rain. It doesnt stop ther germans knowing how to put on a good event however and doesn't stop the spectators from flocking in. We have had around 10 knots of wind most days so I have been out kiting and they have run a couple of course races but no freestyle as yet. Im ready for it though, but have to kite my socks off to beat Julie Simsar in the first round. Im hoping for rain as she says she can only kite in the sun. So far I have barely seen her on the beach so Im actually wondering if she is telling the truth! She's good though so Im not letting my guard down!

Stephs children are a crazy bunch and fly kites all day long. Yesterday I had to stitch one back together before a fight broke lose over who got to fly the one remaining power kite. If for one second they tire of the kites then its time for the skim board. Perfect considering the beach is one giant puddle! Finally before dinner they momentarily begin to tire and so a game of monopoly is the solution to keeping the boredom at bay. Cooking dinner is a mixture of pasta or bbq but after this their energy is back and we play a football tournament which is always a worry for the side who doesn't win! When this is complete I finally think its time for a moments rest when steph pipes up - come on jo! Yours is the bigger SUP and we are back on the water before dark. Its all go go go! I'm just cleaning my feet before heading to bed and the music from the event site seems to call our names and we can only try to resist the temptation to party!!! This morning I woke up and suddenly remembered it was a competition that we are here for, but in these busy days its easy to forget.

Over and out and parying for wind and sun... or just wind!!! Will write soon x

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