Saturday, January 12, 2008

The revelation

So for about a year now I have been looking at ALL the new moves that I have to learn by a deadline in order to keep sponsors smiling and the results flying in! To be honest many a time when I shut my eyes all i can see is an egg timer with the sand falling rapidly to the bottom of the glass while behind lies an enormous mountain of back mobes, front mobes, blind judges, s bend passes, kgb's and the works! A mountain so high that Im at the bottom thinking how the hell am i gonna pass that!

Well today finally I had the revelation! Im in capetown and I lay down on my balcony with the wind passing me by. I closed my eyes and there was this damned egg timer and the flippin' moutain. Motivation to hit the water was at an all time low and then out of no where the flat 3 popped into my mind!! I've always wanted to learn the flat 3, but some reason never get round to it... For those of you who dont know what a flat 3 is well its a basic air handle pass where you ramp off a wave and do a flat 360 degree rotation. You use the bar as your axis and pass it behind your back, so as to not end up in a tangle!!! In the mean time the kite has no part to play in this move, so baring off down wind is the key to taking the slack out of the lines. Well thats it! Thats my revelation! Might seem small, but the flat 3 is small steps! I don't care who has landed what, who is asking me what am i working on today for the millionth time and I don't care who is watching me land on my ass, head, back because its funny!

I've taken some proper beatings, but today I passed the bar and came very close to landing!!! Give me a couple of days and I'll have these bad boys dialled!! Onwards and upwards and see ya egg timer! Keep you posted! x

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