Friday, January 11, 2008

Capetown - Home from Home

Its that time of year when I head to capetown to learn new tricks in the sunshine. I have been at home since the middle of October and it has been great and the temperature not too bad, but regular submergences learning a new trick and then relaunching the kite is not exactly ideal conditions. I arrived on Sunday late evening. My flight with Luthansa was delayed for 8 hours and the handling of my boardbag meant that they snapped the nose off my surfboard. Not very happy! Oh well the twin tip is fine and I will get them back. In fact flying with Luthansa was probably one of my worser experiences on a plane, but who am I to complain (Go Virgin or BA if you can although not sure what is happening about their boardbag policy).

So on waking up in Capetown the wind has been blowing. We had 25 knots the first day, 35 knots the 2nd day, 15 knots the 3rd day and 20-25 knots yesterday so I cant complain about the lack of wind. Its taking me a little time to get back in the swing of things because I have had so much time off while in the UK and at the moment my riding is a bit more cautious, but that won't last long. Beneath me I haven't yet seen too much wildlife, but two mornings ago while i sat eating ice cream before the wind picked up I did have to pleasure to watch some seals cruise in amongst the surf and some dolphins pass on by.
I feel like I'm home from home!! Cool pics on the way!!!

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