Monday, October 01, 2007

Can you tell what it is yet?

Look at the size of it!!! There is something about an enormous fin that just has to be explored!!!!!

Fortunately we saw this fin took into account that we are in Peru and not South Africa and came to the well calculated conclusion that it was a whale. And man was it a whale. It was absolutely enormous and had a little calf with it to. I kited alongside just a few metres away for about 10 minutes - mum and baby were just rolling around and enjoying the sunshine and shallows! Its fluke would come right out the water and give me a fright as it was way bigger then me, but it was just chilling and i was downwind from it to make a quick getaway - not that I really would have stood a chance if it didnt want me there, but i felt better anyway!!! Soon after this some enormous pelicans flew over my head and I felt like it was as close to Jurassic park that i will ever - and ever hope to get!!!

There is plenty of sea life here - that picture is me eating some of it! You can watch the whales and dolphins nearly everyday although perhaps not this close and there are plenty of sea lions around to!! Mancora is by far and away the best place I think that you can come to if you would like to combine surfing and kitesurfing, but perhaps bring your partner for the evenings as there is not much going on!!!

(Picture the boys taking a break while i take on the role of 'guinea pig')

From Thursday I am taking a break away from Kitesurfing - shock horror and I am heading to Bolivia to ride to the world's most dangerous road!!!? Well whatever, but its 65km's dropping approximately 3,000 metres and just a single track gravel road! Apparently averagely 26 cars disappear over the edge of this path a year never to be seen again! Sounds dramatic? I hope so and we will find out!!!

After the WMDR - the cool term for the worlds most dangerous road I head to Lake Titicaca - not actually the highest lake in the world, but its the third highest so that is high!!! I am doing a days hike there to get some practise at walking at altitude before heading to Cusco back in Peru to trek the route of salankentay up to the Macchu Picchu to see what the inca tribe built. The trek lasts for 4 days and I am doing it as cheap as possible so basically carrying all my own stuff up there! I cant wait!! Well actually if I took my own compass then there are probably cheaper routes up but Im not very well knowm for my map reading skills! Not sure how much internet they have up there in the andes, but I will certainly upload my website when i can with some pics if I survive.

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