Monday, September 24, 2007

Wahoo Peru toooooo

So over the last 3 days here in Mancora, Peru the wind has really switched on. I’ve had two sessions on my 10m Naish Torch 4 and two on my 6m Naish Torch 4. Most of the time in the water is spent on the surfboard. It truly is a wave destination and although there are plenty of places where you could happily ride the twin tip and work on some jumps and tricks there is a strong emphasis on the waves. In fact when I think about it I have seen just one kiter on a twin tip since being here and everyone else is on wave boards. I almost fear taking out my twin tip incase the local kiting community dis-own me.

We have been to 3 more locations since I last wrote. Mancora itself where the waves are good for beginners because they are forgiving and not so powerful, Tres Crusses where there is a point break and the waves get slightly bigger then in Mancora and then also Lobitos where there is another point break and the waves get really big and barrell. Mancora and Tres Crusses so far have been the locations where we have ridden on bigger kites, but in Lobitos it has been howling. 2 out of 3 sessions I have been on my 6m.

This is the first trip that I have been to where I have come for the waves. I have a handful of times taken my surfboard out to play in other locations, but this is by far and away my first time focused on wave riding. Lobitos is certainly a challenge for me and initially super intimidating with cross offshore strong wind. I’ve had 3 days there now and I’m finally used to my board. I can gybe it successfully fairly frequently and I have mastered making my way back up wind after riding a long wave to a non frustrating level. Its my bad tac for riding waves, so I am trying to ride them back side (turn from heelside to toeside on the wave). It’s far too easy just to go straight along the wave face and not really make any turns. Now that my confidence is growing I am beginning to make my first back side turns, but it often ends in arse over tit and I tell you what – the current here is wicked and if you lose your board – man it’s a mission to get it back.

Now, I’m sat at home dreaming of tomorrow and visualising myself making some aggressive turns like I see the local riders, so we shall see what happens.

My thoughts so far are

  1. learn to ride toeside on both tacs. It’s far easier for wave riding.
  2. Come and learn to wave ride here. It’s a surfing town through and through and pretty undiscovered. 8 kiters in the water is a very busy day.

Still plenty more days to go…

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