Friday, August 03, 2007

Competition complete! Fuerteventura

So here at round 6 of the PKRA World Tour the freestlye at Sotavento has drawn to a close.

I made it through to the next round, but then came up against Susi Mai who put together a pretty good heat and managed to land a couple of her moves (railey and s bend) to blind. Fair play to her! She was on a 4m!!! I made my unhooked kite loop powered on my 6m, plus a vulcan to surface handle pass and a bunch of other unhooked raileys and rotations. I crashed my back to blind although it was a damned fine effort considering i was lit on my 6m! I also passed my aerail handle pass, but then coming into land i could no longer hold the kite in my finger tips. It just ripped out of my grasp and I was gutted!!! Overall I had a fairly good heat and if i had managed to hold that handle pass then Im sure i would have made it through, but I guess for now better luck next time. Now I am in two minds whether to go to the next event in Germany in the middle of August or skip it out and train early in Brazil for the next contest... I think I know which I would prefer!!!

I fly home tomorrow and will stay for 4 days before heading to a DJ contest in Paros, Greece where I will be giving some basic tips to the winners of a special contest plus I will ride for 3 hours each day along with Christiaan Brouwer to give some extra pizazz to the contest! Protest Clothing are sending us out there and I cannot wait!!! This picture is from the demo last year where they also launched Nescafe Frappe!!!

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