Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Variety is the spice of life

Well still here in south africa and the wind is playing some funky games. Its been 4 days now with no wind (well except for yesterday but it didn't pull in until late)so we have been up to other mischieve to keep ourselves busy!

Day 1 we decided it was high time that we actually climbed up table mountain! None of this going up in the cable car - thats just lazt, so with the best of intentions to climb the giant early we arrived at 11am ready to hit blazing sunshine and temps above 30 degrees! Probably not the best idea - but actuallyit was! Climbing up table mountain from the east side (kirstinboesch) is a 2.5 hours trek to reac the highest point. Then it takes another hour to wlak the whole way along andthen of course the return! The route was really steep and mega beautiful and its so green you feel like yur heading off to find some dinosaurs in jurassic park. We saw big fly/wasp things eating big hairy spiders, mice that look like chipmunks, loads of birds plus we had to walk a near vertical path scrambling over rocks and up ladders throuh an enchanted looking forest. After some time the path became less vertical and more windy and a little bit more user friendly! It was an incredible experience and a big achievement and we completed the whole route in just unde 7 hours! Check the pictures taken bu Pulse8 images!

Day 2 of no wind and it was day of rest. In fact it was a day of eating. After a big early morning fry up we moved on to planning a bbq and just relaxed in the sun!

Day 3 of no wind and yet another bbq, but this was followed by some sailing on a little boat no bigger then a bath tub and an expedition up langebaan lagoon in some surf ski's! The higher up the lagoon the more more shallow it becomes and after sometime we parked the boats up to go for a walk and hunt down some sand sharks! We never caught any - they probabl heard us coming, but we did manage to mis - judge the tide and before we knew it one of the boats was off on its way back home with no one in it!!! Try running through knee deep water after climbing 3,500 feet theday before! O so tiring, but still a great day!

Yesterday we finally were graced with 15-20 knots just as the sun was going down building us up for a good week forecasted!! Still working on the mobes!!! Aghhhhhh! 4 weeks to go and time passes to quick! keep you posted

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