Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Its not all waves

Just to prove that I really am working on the freestyle please enjoy these pictures by pulse8 images.

We have been having some amazing 10m weather here the last few days and the forecast looks awesome.

I have been working with a few photographers lately, but particularly had a wicked session two days ago working with Petra Goeschl on my first proper shoot for Naish International! Not seen the pictures yet, but hopefully there are some good ones.

Capetown really has been delivering the goods for kiters this year as well. The wind hasn't been so strong, but the waves are coming through really big and we did get some more waves last weekend. I headed to whitsands on the cape peninsula for some fun and photos for Naish, but there was also a lot of cloud, so im not sure how they turned out! Whitsands was pretty scary and I ended up doing a downwinder in amongst the scary waves to make my way back to a nice sandy beach as opposed to sharp rocks for a soft landing!!! I'm glad to be back in the safety of langebaan now to start working back on the handle passes again, but waves this weekend again!

Still not mastered the surfboard, but got a couple of my gybes going on now! reckon i look like bambi on stilts, but my bum stayed dry! Progress :-)


Anonymous said...

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mtrax said...


Glad you're liking Cape Town. I live in Blouberg, the kitesurfing mecca of Cape Town. I also run, a surfing travel accommodation site for South Africa. Check it out and pop me a mail on BTW, wind is quite funky at the mo. Best times for kitesurfing is November through January though.

Dirk (MtraX)