Sunday, January 07, 2007

I survived

What an amazing couple of weeks. England has been windy for nearly 2 weeks solid now and although its not warm, its certainly not cold. Today I had my last session in English waters until the end of March, but what a session! 6m Naish Torch 3, waves and friends! What more can a girl ask for? I'm almost a little bit sad to be heading to South Africa... not all that sad, but I will miss home life!

I hope you like these pictures taken by Mark Smith ( In my mind this is clear evidence that I am a professional kitesurfer and that I am also the epitomy of the sport today!?? In all fairness I do believe that all my moves ended up with these landings - some with smiles and some without. Luckily here is one with - either that or my jaw is actually frozen in that position!!?

Gwithian on New Years Day never delivered the goods. I was as good as gold and didn't drink on New Years Eve to ensure for a big day on the water, but of course that would be the wind jinx. Beautiful waves rolled in but sadly no beautiful wind to go with it... or more to the point no wind at all until around 3pm where 40knots came through. The temperature did not rise above 6 degrees all day and after sitting around watching squalls of rain in the bitter cold we were clearly over it. I headed home stopping only for a some food inkeeping with my new years resolution - a macdonalds double cheeseburger and a chocolate mint milkshake.

On Tuesday I am leaving for South Africa. I'll keep you posted on how things go! Its the year of the handle pass and I am determined to land a front mobe on Thursday. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and enjoy the picture below taken last year in Shark Bay, South Africa by Justin Bufton at Pulse8 Images

Happy new year!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ciao!! mi spiace ma non parlo inglese e nemmeno so fare volevo lasciare un segno sul tuo blog!! complimenti, belle foto!! ciao bellissima!!! Andrea. ITALY

Jo Wilson said...

grazie andrea
Mi dispiace di non parlare italiano ma ho avuto aiuti da un sito internet di lingue. capisco tuo lettera.
Sono felice tu scritto
hope that made sense :-)