Sunday, December 31, 2006

England is firing

Well after a few days at home and no wind I started to get itchy feet. The bitter cold east winds left and in replacement arrived a great big weather system bringing lovely and warm west and south west strong winds! Well when I say warm, its hardly Brazil, but 14 degrees is fine in a 5/3mm wetsuit!!!!!

The strong winds have bought with them some good size waves and today one cheeky monster chased me down the river mouth separating Bigbury and Bantham. I was sure at some point it would eventually break, but it just kept on building bigger and bigger until I was about to give up in its jaws, but finally it broke and I was able to turn and make my way back upwind!!!

Freestyle is kept to a minimum because I cant quite remove the grin off my face as I survive another wave, but I can't resist the odd unhooked railey or attempted handle pass or quick grab. I've also reinstated the good old bog standard hooked in back loops off the lip! It's just to much fun.

The wind is set to stay in a few more days and tomorrow I'm heading to Gwithian to enjoy some 5m swell and 30 knots. If you dont hear from me, you can be sure I didn't return from the hungry waves, but if its too big I'll stick to the inside and I should be fine... famous last words.

Photos are courtesy of Mark Smith who has some beautiful shots on

Happy new year everybody


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